Relaxing, painless, and health-promoting.

Relaxational Massage
Massage is a 3,000 year old therapy with a wide range of benefits. It is a manual manipulation of the soft-tissue. It can help with things ranging from lowering stress and blood pressure as well as increasing blood circulation and helping with injury recovery.

We offer both therapeutic and relaxational massage. Every appointment will be tailored to each person’s individual needs.

I’ve had A LOT of massages in my life. This is namely because until now, I had yet to find the massage therapist that could make me feel like a million bucks. That is exactly what I have to say about Nicole’s work. She has an excellent professional manner and is highly skilled in deep tissue massage, offering you the opportunity to openly communicate with her as a client so that you feel calm and comfortable in her presence. I am so happy with Nicole that I always share her information and rave about her expertise with my friends, family, and clients of my own, as often as possible! She is a miracle-worker! – EA

Relaxational massage – using primarily Swedish massage techniques and light to medium pressure relaxation massage is great for people who need to de-stress. Though the name implies simple relaxation there is a lot more to it then that. With the focus on relaxation it helps to combat the effects of long term low grade stress. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to hurt to be good for you.

Therapeutic massage – using a combination of deep tissue, MFR, MET, trigger point and Swedish massage as well as stretching. Therapeutic massage focuses on specific health issues reported by the client. The appointment often focuses on specific muscle groups working only the upper or lower body.