Stop Worrying and Love the Needle

She was going through school but the pressure of the coursework was becoming unbearable. Her studies would cost her sleep, her diet started to suffer, and the constant anxiety made her irritable and depressed.

What helped her through the turmoil? Acupuncture.

It seems like an odd remedy. Going to an office and having someone stick needles in you doesn’t sound like a relaxing experience. You would, however, be pleasantly surprised. Done well, acupuncture is painless.

In truth acupuncture’s ability to relax patients is what helps them deal with emotional issues like anxiety. It’s also why apart from chronic pain, most patients that I see in my practice are dealing with some form of mental or emotional turmoil – from depression and stress to grief or fear (even fear of needles). The hour-long treatment allows people to take time for themselves, to find themselves in the midst of upheaval or the hectic life in which we are so often swept. It allows them to leave from the treatment with a sense of peace that they can carry through their week.

For patients with anxiety, acupuncture is a great tool when other therapies are risky (taking Ativan during pregnancy), when the problem is self-limiting and strong treatment isn’t necessary (such as for pre-exam anxiety), or when additional care is needed to help manage symptoms (for patients with co-morbid problems). Regular treatment helps a patient in the short-term by giving them a sense of immediate calm. It also supports them over the long haul by helping them to find emotional strength or mental resilience that they didn’t know about and didn’t have any other time to find. Patients can expect to come weekly for treatment and be challenged to find lifestyle changes or other aids to help them in acute crisis.

As for my anxious student, this is exactly what happened. She used acupuncture for about a month to help her maintain her composure, organize her needs in her head, and keep up her studies. This kind of relief and support is available to any who need it. Why not schedule your own appointment today?