Self-Acupressure for Allergies

Note: This is a very early post in a larger series on acupressure. We have a general introduction to acupressure here that also offers links to other posts to help you use acupressure for other conditions.

For our last post in talking about allergies, here are some points you can massage yourself to help keep allergy attacks at bay.

Some clarifications on things shown in the video:

  • Stomach 2 is found just below the eyesocket, right where the pupils are when looking straight ahead. There is an indentation in the bone that you can feel at this point. (In the video, it looks like I am massaging a point lower than just below the eyesocket.)
  • Large Intestine 20 is at the level of the nostrils, moving outward from the nose until you reach the crease in the face formed by your mouth smiling. There is another small indentation in the bone here.
  • Both Governing Vessel 23 and Yintang (the third eye) are on the center line of the body. (I didn’t explicitly say this.)