Is It Time For You To Get a Massage?

Neck Massage
How long is your commute to and from work? When you’re there do you spend the day in front of a computer? Is there a lot of stress? Do you do a lot of lifting? Are you a student who spends a lot of time studying? We all have some kind of stress and repetition in our day. In an ideal world we would all stretch and move well, live stress-free lives and lift from our legs every time we need to pick something up. Unfortunately people who work in front of a computer can’t up and quit their job because it is bad for their posture, mothers will always be mothers and students can’t give up studying unless they are prepared to fail their classes. The way we live our lives affect our bodies and the way we move. When we can’t change our lifestyle what can we change?

Every different lifestyle has its own benefits and is prone to different issues. Someone who has a long commute, for example, will likely spend a large part of their day with their shoulders rolled forward and their head forward. People who do a lot of lifting, heavy or otherwise, can strain their lower back if they are not careful about how they lift. If you are not currently able to change your lifestyle then getting massage on a regular basis can help avoid pitfalls by helping to improve posture, mobility and circulation.

The question then becomes how often should you go? As with most things it depends on you.
If you are in perfect health a massage once a month is a good way to be sure you stay that way, but most people aren’t in perfect health. If you are suffering from muscle tension, headaches, anxiety, TMJ, stress or any combination you may want to start with once a week until you get the problem under control. Once you do that you can taper back until you are on a maintenance plan to keep that control. As with most things you will want to work with your massage therapist to plan a schedule that will work best for you.

In short regular massage will help to get and keep you healthy whether you are a stay at home mom, carpenter, teacher or secretary. Schedule yourself an appointment today.