Substituting Sweets

honey dripIt’s October and whether you celebrate it or not Halloween is just around the corner. This means everywhere we look there is candy. If you’re someone with a sweet tooth or trying to eat healthier this can be a hard temptation to resist.  So what are some things we can do to kick the habit of overeating sweets? Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Self control is a lot easier when you don’t have to look at the thing you are trying to avoid. If you do the grocery shopping in your house then one of the best things to do to avoid eating candy is, simply, don’t buy it. If you know you’ll be wanting something sweet through the week try getting a bar of dark chocolate – the darkest you can stand. You can have one piece a day and kick the chocolate craving without going overboard.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to sweets, whether it is snacks, desserts or munchies, if you’re going to have sugar why not get some nutrition with it? Switching from processed and refined sugars to natural sugars like honey and maple syrup may not take away the calories but will give you some nutritional value in the foods you choose. Try sweetening your coffee with something other then white sugar. When you make a dessert consider skipping the ice cream and using a couple spoonfuls of raw organic sugar as the only needed sweetener in a fruit pie.

When we crave things, whether it is salty or sweet it is often because our bodies need it. When it comes to sweet what we really need is not the candy or cake. What we really need is natural sugars. Try roasting sweet potatoes with a little butter, include some sugar snap peas with dinner or making a low sugar pumpkin pie for dessert.

For those of you who like to pass out candy on Halloween, consider honey sticks. They are sweet and something that kids will enjoy but you don’t have to feel guilty about passing out empty calories.

Avoid artificial sweeteners. Whenever you see the words ‘sugar free’ be sure to check what is really in it. Artificial sweeteners may have no calories but are often made with chemicals and will do absolutely nothing for our long term health.

The longer we go without refined sugars the easier it becomes and the less we need. Feel free to play around and have fun finding out what works for you.  If you find you need a little extra guidance when it comes to editing your diet to live healthier feel free to schedule an appointment today.