Is Your Home Toxic?

HomeToxic is a word we have all heard, usually in reference to chemicals or shock. The definition of toxic can go beyond chemicals and be applied to anything harmful. It is important to be careful what chemicals you bring into your home but perhaps even more important is what your home environment is like. When you come home is it a place you can relax or do you feel more stressed? Do you find yourself looking forward to coming home or staying out to avoid it? There are many different factors that go into a healthy home environment, some you can control and sometimes there are some you can’t. Here are a few of the things you can do to make your home life healthier and in turn yourself as well.

Keep your house clean – Something as simple as making your bed each day can change your attitude about getting back into it at the end of the day. Coming home to a clean kitchen can make you more willing to spend time cooking. The state of your home can reflect the state of your life. If everyday you come home to a disorganized messy home, life tends to feel more disorganized and messy.

Schedule downtime – Without proper rest our minds and bodies don’t function at their best. Ever notice how people get cranky when they haven’t had enough sleep? The best way to avoid this is to get proper rest. Go to bed at a decent hour every night, do some recreational reading, take a vacation with your family. Downtime gives us the opportunity to recharge and refocus.

Take time for family – Whether you are a mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husband, or friend familial relationships are a crucial part of everyone’s home life. When we neglect these relationships they get strained and our lives at home suffer as a result. Take time and nurture these relationships.

Home should be a place you look forward to being. If it’s not take some time to figure out why and fix it. Our mental health is so closely tied to our physical health by neglecting one you hurt the other. These are only a few things to pay attention too. Never be afraid to seek help on how to improve your life at home.