A photo of places where endometrium commonly grows outside the uterus.

Integrative Treatments for Endometriosis

A photo of places where endometrium commonly grows outside the uterus.Medical issues in women’s health involve a number of different conditions – one of the more painful is endometriosis. Each period, a woman’s body will line the uterus with extra tissue (endometrium) to prepare for pregnancy. Endometriosis is when this tissue lining develops in places other than inside the uterus. Common locations can be in the fallopian tubes, around the outside of the uterus, and adjoining other organs like the colon or bladder. The image at left shows a number of common locations. There is no known cause to why endometriosis occurs.

Women who suffer from endometriosis often have intense and sometimes debilitating period pains that can spread through the abdomen, painful urination, irregular menstrual bleeding & cycle times, and in severe cases infertility. Standard treatment includes using birth control pills to hamper uterine lining growth, NSAIDs & exercise for pain management, laproscopic surgery for growths, and in serious cases hysterectomy.

So for those women out there who are already exercising or doing some of these things, what can acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine offer for you?

Research shows that acupuncture is very good in the treatment of pain. This is similar to how acupuncture can treat pain in any location by causing the body to release endorphins and promote local blood circulation around where a needle is placed.

Chinese herbal medicine is also shown to be very helpful for endometriosis, particularly when given after surgery. Research shows formulas to treat endometriosis are shown to be at least as effective as other synthetic hormone medications. Furthermore, herbal formulas can be given that work on a number of different levels – not just for hormone fluctuations, but also for pain control, easing urination, and to help regulate the menstrual cycle duration & severity.

Regular acupuncture or herbal medicine care, as with other standard treatment, may not offer a cure for endometriosis but it can significantly cut down on symptom severity and may delay or replace the need for surgical interventions. When received along with other lifestyle approaches (eg getting enough exercise), women who have endometriosis can live a normal life without being bothered by frequent or intense pain.

If you suffer from endometriosis and are tired of not living the quality of life you want, please schedule your consultation today.