Why and When to Stretch

The hamstring stretch is good to do every day.We’ve all heard that you should stretch. When is the best time, what is the best way and why are we doing it in the first place? Like with everything physical there are good ways to do it, bad ways to do it, and times when you’ll get more benefit then others.

We’ve previously gone over fascia. For a quick review, fascia is a connective tissue that runs through and surrounds almost every part of our bodies. When we don’t move, fascia will thicken and stiffen making it harder for us when we decide to start moving again. When we stay mobile, fascia stays fluid helping us to move smoothly and efficiently. Stretching is one of the best ways to keep fascia fluid.

If you’ve done any searching onling lately you may have some across articles that are telling you not to stretch because it decreases your strength. Be careful how you read them because they are not giving you the whole picture. It is true – stretching immediately before weight lifting shows a decrease in the amount of weight people are able to lift. This does not mean you should give up stretching. It does mean, don’t stretch as part of your warm up, but rather as part of your cool down.

The best time to stretch when your goal is to increase flexibility is first thing in the morning. By stretching when you first get up you will get the most lasting results. After only a few days of consistent stretching you’ll notice that it’s a little easier and you can reach a little further then when you started.

By improving circulation, balance and mobility, reducing stress and risk of injury, staying flexible and mobile are few of the things stretching can do for you. Regular stretching is one of the best ways to ensure you keep your body moving. There are of course other things that can help.

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