A cup applied to the body.

Cupping: An Introduction

A cup left on the body.Every now and then pictures have been popping up of large round marks left on people from cupping. This raises the question: what is cupping and what are those purple marks?  More important perhaps is the question: what can cupping do for me?

Cupping is an ancient therapy that has roots in lots of different cultures. Using suction it creates a negative pressure that pulls tissue up and away from the body. Cupping sometimes leaves marks on the skin. Too often these marks are thought to be bruises. The truth of the matter is that bruises are caused from an impact and cupping creates no impact. The negative pressure from cupping creates a detoxifying effect, pulling stagnant lymph and fluid to the surface, and sometimes this creates discoloration.  These marks can last up to two weeks but often disappear after an hour or two.

What cupping can do for you of course depends on what your health goals are. If you are perfectly healthy, without a complaint, cupping can help you to stay that way. If you’re looking for relief from a problem there is a good chance cupping can help you there as well. Here a few facts about cupping to help you decide if it’s right for you:

  • Strengthen the immune system – lymphatic vessels are very easy to collapse without a lot of pressure. By using negative pressure the vessels are opened improving flow and immune response.
  • Remove stagnant blood – suction pulls stagnant blood and fluid to the surface of the body allowing the body to circulate and discard it.
  • Opening blood vessels, improving circulation – similar to the strengthening of the immune system cupping helps dilate blood vessels making it easier for blood to flow.
  • Release fascial adhesions – fascia can bind up, restrict movement and cause pain. Pulling fascia away from the body can be more effective for releasing an adhesion then massaging it.
  • Improve digestion – Stretching and pulling over the abdomen can mimic peristalsis – the movement of the intestines during digestion. This helps with absorption of nutrients as well as things like constipation.

No matter where you are in reaching your health goals cupping can help you get there! More questions? Call or schedule your consultation today!