Acupuncture and Other Healthcare Providers

A folk doctor's office.Most patients that come to see an acupuncturist, at least in our clinic, have already been to other healthcare providers and had different kinds of treatment for their pain. Typically they will ask us if we think that their getting acupuncture along with other methods of healthcare is a good thing. We tell them yes! Most patients who are improving with other forms of treatment will see an even faster rate of progress when they combine what they’re doing with acupuncture.

That being said, many patients still wonder how different healthcare options fit together. Here are a few different ways that acupuncturists work together with…

    A modern doctor's waiting room.

  • Massage therapists. This one is the easiest combination. Massage therapy <>opens up connective tissue<> and is great for increasing circulation. Sometimes though, a knot is too adhered for a massage therapist to handle with the time they have. In these cases acupuncture is a great addition. Massage therapists may also not be able to work on areas that are very bony, or where the problem is related to tendons or ligaments rather than muscles. Acupuncture can take over this role too.
  • Chiropractors. People who have <>terrible posture<> often need to see a chiropractor to keep their spines and nervous systems from functioning at their best. But chiropractors deal mainly in obstruction – they help realign the spine to ensure the nervous system is talking great to the organs and the body, but they don’t adjust the content of what is being said. Sometimes a problem is due to what signals the nervous system is sending (typically because of a chemical problem somewhere else) and in these cases acupuncture can help adjust those signals by balance the body’s biochemistry.
  • Physical Therapists. Physical therapy can do a great job helping people who move improperly retrain their bodies and muscles. PTs can help adjust a person’s posture and movement by guiding them to strengthen their bodies in the correct way. But often a patient will have difficulty with their physical therapy regimen because they’re in pain or their range of motion is limited. Acupuncturists can help with this by keeping pain at bay and inflammation under control. And while PTs profess they can do this with <>dry needling<>, acupuncture can help in a more holistic and long-lasting way.
  • MDs. Many people come to acupuncture because they’re trying to avoid their PCP or specialist, but acupuncture can still work hand-in-hand with these people. Conventional medicine can offer powerful solutions to health problems, and acupuncture can tamper side effects and boost recovery time.

Wondering if acupuncture fits into your care plan? Schedule your consultation today and we can help you take your recovery to the next level.