Acupressure points for the medial ankle.

Acupressure for Ankle Pain

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Bash the top of your foot or shin, or sprain your ankle, and you can set yourself up for a lot of problems. Issues with the ankle can cause you to walk differently, throwing off your gait and causing joint pain in the knee or hip. Today we’re sharing with you a number of acupressure points you can use to help alleviate pain around the ankle. As with most of our acupressure posts, you can click on the images below for a larger version.

Acupressure points for the inside of the ankle.

This point is found on the front-outer portion of the foot. From the highest part of the outside of your ankle (the lateral malleolus), feel toward the front of the foot until you fall into a divot. This point is often sore.

This point is on the front-inside of the ankle. From the highest ponit of the inside of the ankle (the medial malleolus), run your finger toward the front until you run up against a large tendon. Just prior to this tendon is Liver-4. This point is useful for soreness felt along the front of the foot when tapping the foot on the ground.

This point is also found on the front part of the ankle. From the inside of the ankle like before, feel across the tendon that you stopped at to find Liver-4. You will fall into a depression between two tendons, and Stomach-41 is here. This point is good to press for problems felt inside the ankle joint.

Acupressure points for the outside of the ankle.

This point is found on the outside of the ankle, between the Achilles’ tendon & the lateral malleolus (mentioned above). This is great for pain that radiates up into the calf.

This point is found on the inside of the ankle, below (and sometimes to the rear) of the medial malleolus (mentioned above). This point is often sore, and massage at this location should be done carefully as there are a lot of tendons that run in this area.

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