Acupuncture point image for KD-1.

Acupressure for Dizziness

This post is part of an ongoing series on acupressure. If you’re jumping in the middle of this series, please check out our video giving a general introduction to acupressure and how to make these points work for you.

For those who suffer from either lightheadedness or vertigo, dizziness can strike anywhere or anytime. When it does, you need the resources to help limit your symptoms so it doesn’t impact your day, and when medications fail, what can you turn to? Below we have some acupressure points useful for dizziness. Give these a try.

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The acupressure point GV-20.
Governing Vessel-20
This point is found at the top of the head. To find it, fold your ears forward to see the point where they crease. From this crease, trace a line up on either side of your head until your fingers touch.

The acupressure point GB-20.
Gallbladder-20 is found on the back of the head. To find it, feel for the trapezius muscle on the back of the neck. Roll your fingers toward the side of the neck to fall off the muscle, and then follow the edge of the muscle up toward the skull until you reach a depression in the surrounding tissue.

The acupressure point KD-1.
This is a great point for grounding, and is the major acupressure point on the bottom of the foot. To find it, trace an imaginary line from the top of the ball of the foot to the heel. One third of the way back from the top of the ball of the foot is Kidney-1.

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