Quality Rest

Before starting this blog post I did a little looking to see what else is out there. What I found was that a lot of the time people use the word rest in place of sleep and talk to you about how to get good sleep. Certainly good sleep is an important part of our lives and our wellbeing but rest is not just simply sleep. Rest is time we take to relax and recharge and is every bit as important as sleep. So what is quality rest and how do you make sure you are getting it?

Lets start by breaking down rest into two different types, passive and active. Passive rest is something along the lines of watching TV; active rest is a little more complex and can include things like socializing and meditation. While passive rest can be nice – I’ll admit that after a long day I enjoy putting on a movie – active rest is really what we should be aiming for. Active rest is where we recharge and re-energize. With this in mind, let’s look at a few things we can do to get good quality rest.

  • Meditation in lotus position.Focus on something small – we live in a world of multitasking. We focus on too many things throughout our days. Our brains need to slow down. Take some time in your day and focus on something small. This could be anything from focusing on your breathing to coloring.
  • Be a little social – even those of you who are introverts need a little socialization. Even just chatting for a little while with friends has been shown to have positive physiological effects.
  • Take some time for physical rest – take a little time, everyday if you can, to just focus on your breathing. Sit somewhere comfortable with your feet on the floor and take deep breaths. Count every inhale and exhale until you get to 30.

However you recharge best, make sure you take the time to do it for both your mental and physical well being. If you find you need some help to relax, schedule an appointment today!