Weight Management with Hypnosis

Let’s face it – it can be tough to lose weight. You need to exercise, you need to eat and eat well, there’s a lot of time management involved, and it gets harder as you get older. All these things are supposed to make up part of a lifestyle, but for most people they are instead occasional events. And when you’re trying to bring your weight down, this is a major problem. To lose weight for the first (or maybe fourth) time in your life, you have to be intentional. But our lives are busy.

This is where hypnosis can help you. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help people change their habits and their beliefs. It is an effective way to help people with all manner of life changes – from developing motivation for exercise or eating right, to better dealing with the stress of finding extra time in your day. What’s more, is that for people trying to lose weight hypnosis can help uncover hidden challenges that often sabotage our desires to succeed. These are things around weight loss that are discussed less – like comfort eating, different views on body image, insecurities at the gym, and so on.

Hypnosis is a very versatile tool. It can be used along with acupuncture or herbal medicine for more effective results. Treatments can be combined in the same appointment to help save money and time, and can be given by the same provider.

Exercise & weight loss: some motivation required.Since so many people want to lose weight around the holidays, we are running a special deal through the end of January 2016! We are offering a package deal of four hypnosis sessions (a usual course of treatment) at 25% off. Take advantage of the new year and start your weight loss off on a strong foot.

Don’t wait so long to find your motivation! Schedule your hypnosis consultation and let us help you today!