Fibromyalgia and Massage

Massage & fibromyalgia.Fibromyalgia, it’s not a diagnosis anyone wants to hear. ┬áIt is a hard path for those of you out there who have to walk it. The harder part, it never seems to be the same from one person to another. Everyone’s triggers and symptoms are a little bit different. The severity of it can change from one person to the next, from one season to another. This makes it more difficult for you to find relief from the pain it causes. Even with the variations in this condition there are a number of things that are helpful for most people in dealing with it and one of those things is massage therapy.

If you do have fibromyalgia and are looking for a massage therapist it is okay and even important to ask some questions before you book an appointment. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a therapist.

  • What are your goals? To relax or deal with a muscular problem?
  • Does the therapist have experience with fibromyalgia?
  • Are they willing to do deep tissue or myofascial release?
  • Is trigger point therapy something they practice?
  • Are they comfortable with heat therapy such as hot stones?
  • Are you comfortable telling this person how you’re feeling during the massage?

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to getting a massage is knowing yourself, knowing what your triggers are. Is your pain better or worse with heat? Does deep pressure on your shoulders feel good or increase the pain? Are there places on your body that hurt more than others when touched? When you know these things and can communicate them to your therapist it will help you get the best and most beneficial massage.

If fibromyalgia is a problem for you, it can be better. By working with a knowledgeable massage therapist and getting work tailored to your specific needs you can decrease your pain, sleep better and increase your energy. Don’t hesitate to call, ask some questions and get some relief!