Juice and Juicing – What You Should Know

Going to the grocery store there is juice everywhere you look. There is orange juice near the milk, green juice around the produce and all kinds of juice drinks in the aisles. The truth is all juice is not created equal and knowing the difference between them can save you a lot of trouble.

To reiterate a few points from the video;

  • Juice from concentrate – this juice has been heated and the water removed (and sometimes added back in). It has also been pasteurized.
  • Pasteurized juice – this juice has been heated to kill off bacteria. It also kills off some of its nutrient value and leaves the sugar.
  • Homemade juice – This lets you customize your juice and keep most of its nutrition intact, especially if you drink it right away.

There a couple other things to keep in mind, when you buy juice in the grocery store. Even if you get raw juice, it is usually stored for long periods of time in plastic containers. If you don’t want to make your own juice, try to find a place that makes it fresh. If you can only get it at the store, read the ingredients. Make sure there’s not a lot of added sugar or preservatives. Also if possible get something that has been stored in glass.

Don’t forget to enjoy!