Acupuncture for Insomnia

At some point poor sleep affects us all, but for others it becomes a regular battle. You can do a lot to push through a couple nights of bad sleep, but if after about a month you’re still not sleeping well, you’ve got chronic insomnia. And what do you do then?

Insomnia in the hour of the wolf.You may not realize this even if you suffer from insomnia, but it typically isn’t a problem that is its own root cause. There’s usually always something else that causes it. So you might struggle with anxiety or depression and this disrupts your sleep. Perhaps you deal with pain. Or you have to wake in the night to urinate. And maybe at one point you got put on sleeping medications and now you can’t get to sleep without them. All of these things (and poor habits around bedtime) are most common root causes for why people can’t get to sleep regularly. It is these factors that we use acupuncture to fix, while also helping promote your body’s natural sleep cycle. When these things get fixed, your body slowly but surely finds a healthy sleeping routine again. Even the research backs us up.

We also find that many patients who have had insomnia for a long time need extra help. Typically we will turn to herbal medicine for this. While many over the counter herbal sleep aids can be of some benefit, a well-crafted Chinese herbal formula can have a much better impact on helping you fall asleep at the right times. We use this to help jump start your body’s change to a healthy sleeping pattern. This is most commonly useful when a person is trying to get off of sleeping medications.

So if you’ve struggled with your sleep, it’s time to stop. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today and let us help you get a good night’s rest.