Pregnancy Massage – What You Should Know

A pregnant woman.One day I was watching TV and a character in the show was trying to get pregnant. She made a comment that she should get a massage now because once she’s pregnant “no more massages”. This honestly irritated me. Pregnant women are dealing with so much as their bodies change and they grow a human. Telling them they can’t get a massage is just wrong. Of course they can. But there are some changes to be made and things you want to keep in mind before you go.

  • Is your therapist trained in prenatal massage? Many massage therapists have areas they specialize in. Therapeutic massage, sports massage, trigger point work etc. Prenatal massage is often on this list. Most schools teach therapists how to safely work on women who are pregnant but it’s still worth asking how much experience/training they have.
  • Do they have the capacity to make sure you’re safe and comfortable? As a woman who has no kids I don’t have firsthand knowledge of the discomforts that go along with pregnancy. However I do know that there comes a point where lying flat on your back is unsafe for the baby and lying on your stomach is just out of the question. Does your massage therapist have a good way to get you into a reclined position? Are they able to keep you comfortable and secure on your side?
  • A prenatal massage may not be the same as what you were getting before your pregnancy.  I have had women come into my practice in the past who are in their first trimester and want really deep work on their shoulders. This may seem pretty reasonable, but there are areas that really should be avoided. This includes a spot on the shoulder, around the ankles and even on the hand. Many of these spots are used to induce labor and when it comes to the health of you and your baby, it’s better to be safe then sorry.

One of the most important things when it comes to getting a prenatal massage is good communication with your therapist. There are things they may know about the safety of a massage that you don’t. Likewise they can’t feel what you’re experiencing so letting them know if you’re uncomfortable or if one spot hurts more then another or if you need to pee, they’re there to help you. Massage can be a huge blessing to you when you’re pregnant, helping manage aches and pains, decreasing stress and lowering blood pressure. It’s safe during every stage of pregnancy. So what are you waiting for? Schedule you massage today!