Acupuncture for BPH

Acupuncture for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH is a common condition affecting men in their middle age. We know it’s common for men that their prostates may get larger as they get older. In some men this develops into BPH. In this case your prostate will pinch off the portion of the urethra that passes through it. When this happens a man can feel an urge to urinate frequently (because urine is held back in the bladder), but won’t be able to pass a lot of urine. Typically they have a weaker urine stream and may wake a lot at night to pee. No one knows exactly why BPH develops in some men but not in others – it’s thought to be related to hormonal changes.

Treatments for BPH are limited to symptom management. Medication may be given to help relax the muscles around the bladder so it’s easier to pee. In other cases surgery is recommended to help remove extra prostate tissue or to widen the urethra. So can acupuncture treat BPH? Luckily yes. Acupuncture can help treat this just as with many other bladder issues.

Acupuncture for BPH.Acupuncture treatment for BPH is also limited to treating the symptoms, but can do so without unwanted medication side effects or the irreversible change of surgery. Treatment helps to smooth out muscle and tissue restriction around the bladder so you can start to pee more easily. This can also help avoid urinary dribbling and pain during urination. Conventional research shows that acupuncture is effective for BPH in the short-term. (Studies are unclear on long-term benefit as of now, but clinical experience suggests lifestyle change and periodic intervention can help in the long run.)

If you’re having trouble with urination, it’s time to get some relief. Schedule a consult or contact us and let us know how we can help you!