Pie: How to Make it Deliciously Guilt Free

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Next to turkey, pie is one of the most popular foods for the upcoming holiday. I know personally I’ve never had just one piece of pie. Then when I think of all the sugar, corn syrup, shortening, and white flour I get a little sick to my stomach. The truth is, if you’re making pies yourself (rather then buying pre-made), it’s pretty easy to cut out the guilt and enjoy it!

Use high quality ingredients.

So much of what we get for food is loaded with crap and highly processed, even the things that can be ingredients in pie (like pre-made crusts). Similarly, a lot of canned fruit has sugar added to it, and then we add in more sugar for the pie. Instead, whenever possible go organic. Get real butter or unrefined coconut oil for your crust instead of shortening. Play around with different flour options, like almond meal or coconut flour. Buy fresh or frozen fruit. You’ll be far better knowing exactly what’s going into your pie.

Make your own crust.

It may take more time to make your own crust, but it doesn’t take a lot of supplies. All you really need is flour, butter, some ice water and a food processor. The bonus is you don’t get the preservatives, you don’t get the salt and you get a lot more freedom. If you have people coming over with dietary restrictions this makes it easier to go gluten free.

Avoid corn syrup.

It is hard to get around the fact that there will be sugar in your dessert. While there are ways to get around it, it’s easier to make sure you use better sugars. If you’re making pecan pie, use maple syrup instead of corn syrup. Blueberries and apples are naturally sweet and your pies don’t need a lot to ensure they are delicious.

No matter how you choose to make your pie, enjoy it and have a happy Thanksgiving!