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Acupuncture for Addictions

Pills & a syringe.Addiction and substance abuse is a big problem in our country right now. If you live here in NH, opiate addiction has probably affected you or someone you know. But of course addiction isn’t limited to opiates. You can also misuse alcohol, cocaine, meth, and many other drugs. And if you struggle with addiction, you might never have though acupuncture could help. But it actually does help, and can help you too.

Acupuncture for Substance Misuse

Using acupuncture for substance misuse and abuse started back in the 1970’s, in Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. A five-point protocol was developed, using acupuncture points in the ear. Since that time, numerous studies have been done and the protocol’s use has expanded all across the nation. People who get treatment with it describe a sense of peace and well-being that helps them find strength to transition away from using addictive substances.

Acupuncture for substance use problems is often done in recovery centers or substance abuse treatment facilities, not in other clinics. Depending on the state, acupuncturists might be giving care. In other states (including NH), the same treatments might be given by social workers, nurses, or recovery coaches. These treatments are often free and given frequently, sometimes daily. Generally you don’t have to be in any more formal therapy or support group to get this treatment, though it is often encouraged. And unlike acupuncture for other conditions, usually there isn’t a lot of questions beforehand. Instead, you sign in, sit down, get treated, and can go when you please.

Getting Help Yourself

If you or your loved one has been struggling with substance misuse, acupuncture can offer some relief. The use of this kind of therapy is still developing in our state, but could be widespread within a year or so. Especially if you’re in southern NH, the best thing to do right now is to call our office to see what options are available for you.