Four Tips to Improve Your Summer Desserts

Frozen yogurt.Summer is the season of ice cream, beaches, farmer’s markets, barbecues, and fresh air. It’s also a season where it’s easy to overindulge. We’re overheated so we drink more sugary frozen drinks. We think that because we’re more active, we can eat whatever we feel like. Sadly no matter how much we exercise, it doesn’t make up for all the extra indulgence. On the plus side: with all the fresh fruit in season it can be pretty easy to get your sweet fix and still take care of your body.

Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Summer Desserts

  • Take advantage of fresh fruit – I was out earlier today and saw a sign for pick your own strawberries! If you’ve never had freshly picked strawberries, you don’t know what you’re missing. They are juicier and sweeter than what you’re used to getting from the grocery store. No sugar needed. This is often the case with fresh fruit.
  • Make your own – It’s always a good idea to know what you’re putting into your body. It is far too easy to get a lot of salt, sugar, and fillers in your food. Make it yourself and know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Make ice cream a treat and not an every night thing – It can be far too easy when it’s hot to reach for the cold and creamy treat in the freezer. While this is not bad to do from time to time it’s better to save it for special occasions.
  • Beware of blended beverages – I had an eye opening experience a while back. I went onto the website for Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts and looked at the nutrition facts for coffee coolattas and frappuccinos.  The amount of sugar in these just may blow your mind! I couldn’t find anything with less then 40 grams of sugar in the smallest size. To put that in perspective, the daily recommendation for sugar intake is no more than 25 grams!

I hope you have lots of time to enjoy the summer weather and all the wonderful foods that come with it. If you find yourself struggling with what to eat and what not to, don’t try to go it alone. Schedule a consultation and get help today.