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Your health reclaimed.

Our Office
At Amherst Wellness Center, we are committed to bringing better health to you:

  • You, the person in need of rehabilitation.
  • You, the stressed spouse with the kids.
  • You, who cannot get an effective treatment from an MD.
  • You, the one whose idea of healthcare is moving outside the box.


We bring many different treatment modalities to the table to help you heal:

Our clinicians focus in cutting across medical specialties to get to the root of a problem, and we work with you to develop a treatment plan that improves your health using the appropriate modality at a rate you can afford. Have a question about what you can expect when working with us? Check out our info for new patients and our FAQ.

Our central office is located in Tech Park, at 17 Old Nashua Road in Amherst, NH. For those who have travel difficulties, we offer housecalls for patients in New Hampshire from Nashua to Manchester to Milford, and every community in-between.

It’s time to take charge of your health. Today.