Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Knowledge Applied Today

Chinese Herbal MedicineOur clinic also prescribes the use of Chinese herbal formulas. Herbal medicine in China is a well-developed science – even moreso than acupuncture – and is suitable for many complicated internal medical conditions, acute infections, and physical trauma.
Herbs are best for conditions that cannot be reached with a needle, or when acupuncture treatments would need to take place too frequently to manage easily. With herbs you are able to be treated every day rather than once a week, and herbs can be taken anywhere, so it does not matter if you have to travel.

Our clinic prescribes herbal formulas in one of two forms. The first form is a prepared formula, which is a traditional combination of herbal ingredients ground into powder and put into a capsule. Combinations of herbs like these have been used for hundreds of years for a variety of different ailments with good success.

Prescribed Chinese MedicineThe second form is a custom formula. For custom formulas we will sit down with you and come up with an herbal prescription uniquely suited to your health issues. We will either fill the prescription with our in-house herbal pharmacy, or sent to a remote pharmacy for shipment back to you. Custom formulas provide superior and faster results because they are written specifically based on your presentation.

The Highest Regard for Safety

The herbs used at are clinic are handled by suppliers who take the utmost care to ensure that the plants you are taking are grown properly. Herbs are tested for a variety of pesticides, heavy metals, and sulfur-containing compounds prior to their use in formulas. This ensures that the herbs you take are free from contaminants.

In addition, our practitioners are trained to be mindful of possible interactions between any herbal formulas and the medications you may be taking. When given a list of medications beforehand, our herbalists will ensure that there are no conflicts between the two, ensuring that you are not put in any danger by taking your herbs.