Find Motivation, Change Old Beliefs and Bad Habits

Hypnotherapy is both an art and a science. It is a tool that allows a person to understand their own motivation, change and eliminate bad habits, stop pain, and relieve anxiety and distress. It is a great way to help ordinary people eliminate everyday problems and become extraordinary in the process.

Hypnotherapy can change deep-seated beliefs. In hypnosis, our brain wave activity changes from a normal active beta state to the slower alpha and theta states. In this state of being, suggestions and the use of imagination reach into the subconscious parts of our minds. This is the part of our minds that store our memories, experiences, and beliefs. It also has a significant weight in the decisions we make, though we are not aware of its influence. Because in hypnosis we are able to change this portion of ourselves, we can change very stubborn behaviors and mental responses we otherwise can’t explain and don’t want.