Wellness at Your Place of Business

Statistics on workplace wellness savings.Some of the most recent savings performed on workplace wellness programs indicate that they can provide substantial savings to employers. On average, employers saved $358 in savings from reduced health care costs per employee, and saved another $294 by reducing employee absenteeism. This was offset by spending only $144 per employee on a wellness program itself, and $132 per employee in material costs. Overall this means that for every $1 invested in the health of your employees, you will receive $6 in productivity & reduced expenses back.

Wellness programs come in all shapes and sizes. The money spent can be as simple as providing additional information on nutrition or ergonomics to employees, or as involved as running a friendly weight loss competition and offering a series of workshops. Studies show that so long as a program is engaging, accessible, and aligned with the company culture, it will succeed in promoting employee health and saving employers money.

If your company does not have a wellness program for your employees, the right time to start one is now. The money is yours to save.

What We Offer
Amherst Wellness Center offers a comprehensive workplace wellness package for employers looking to educate their employees on:

  • Good office ergonomics
  • Preventing & managing work-related pain
  • Self-care strategies for pain management, wellness, and recovery
  • Hypnosis for smoking or weight management
  • The foundations of health & wellness
  • Mindfulness, meditation, and stress management

The material we present is the same material we use with existing private clients to help them recover from chronic pain, injury, and debilitation. We know it works because it forms one of our cornerstones of clinical practice.

The information we offer can be delivered in a variety of formats, including:

  • Single workshops (“lunch & learn”) on a specific topic
  • A group workshop series spanning multiple subjects, typically 3-4 sessions in total
  • Health assessment & consultation with individual employees

Chair Massage or Group Acupuncture Available
Some companies may be looking to offer their employees stress relief separate from an education component. In this case our therapists will travel to your business to deliver chair massage or group ear acupuncture sessions – both to promote stress relief and relaxation. This can be done both with a workshop or as a stand-alone option.

Flexibility to Fit Your Company Culture
Every company and company culture is different. We will adapt our offerings based on your company structure & goals to come up with a package that works for you.

Get Started Now
For more information or to begin scheduling a workshop, please call our main business line at 603-213-6090 and we will be happy to help your employees live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives.