For New Patients

Taking Your First Step

If you are intending to schedule, please download our new patient paperwork and the informed consent form to save time during your first visit (If you have problems viewing or printing PDF files, we have paper copies available at our office.):

What to Expect

Acupuncture Treatments
Acupuncture treatments run around 45 minutes. During the first appointment, we will go through an intake process prior to treatment to cover details of your health history; this appointment will be about an hour. At future visits a short follow-up will precede each treatment.

To get the most out of your treatment, we recommend:

  • Eating before treatments, or at least not being on an empty stomach.
  • Avoiding vigorous physical activity before treatment.
  • Wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

We also cannot treat you if you are intoxicated or on any consciousness-altering substance.

You can also expect that we will speak with you about a treatment plan and prognosis. Questions in this area are welcome.

Herbal Consultations
Appointments are 20-30 minutes in length. The first appointment will be on the longer side as we will need to discuss all the different areas of your health history and determine an initial formula.

We prescribe herbs in a few different ways, which you can read about here.

To Schedule

Please call our main office at 603-213-6090 to schedule an appointment.